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The best way to detect health problems early on and ensure your reproductive organs remain healthy is to see a qualified and up-to-date gynecologist for an annual well-woman exam.

At Great City Medical in New York City, gynecologist Dr. Yelena Tsyba provides comprehensive well-woman checkups that focus on preventive care and may include:

The annual well-woman examination is the perfect time and place to discuss any concerns you have regarding your reproductive organs, including menstruation, family planning, STDs, and more. It is recommended that even otherwise healthy women have a well-woman exam every year.

If your Pap smear results are abnormal, Dr. Tsyba may recommend a colposcopy, which can provide a close-up look at the cervix. This quick and easy diagnostic procedure is no more discomforting than the Pap smear itself – but it involves the use of a lighted magnifying tool called a colposcope, which is used to take a closer look at the cervix.

Dr. Tsyba can provide you a prescription for your annual mammogram to screen for breast cancer. Regular mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer in its earliest stages – up to three years before it can be felt during a breast examination, either in the doctor’s office or via self-exam.

Of course, if you are experiencing gynecological symptoms or have concerns, please make an appointment to see your gynecologist – even if it falls between your annual visits. There are many issues that can crop up suddenly and require medical treatment. Dr. Tsyba can perform a number of in-office diagnostic tests, including ultrasound, to identify what may be the cause of your concerns.

Make sure your reproductive health needs are taken care of by scheduling your annual well-woman exam today. Call Great City Medical at (212) 281-8600 or request an appointment online to see NYC gynecologist Dr. Yelena Tsyba.

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